Universal Laptop Power Adapter

MY3449K -1 tlo4 - w
MY3449K P3 - w




Included one Lenovo square plug for Lenovo computer
Universal Type Design, can be used at home, in the car or on the airplane.
With DC, AC, USB multiple charging functions
"3 in 1 / 3 w 1(DC, AC, USB)

Input Voltage: DC11V-14V AC 220V-240V
Adjustable output voltage DC12~24V
9 kinds of standard output plug
9 standard plugs (included one Lenovo square plug)
AC and DC Charging cables are included
Msonic® Universal Laptop Power Adapter that portable, support DC11V-14V or AC 220V-240V voltage input, adjustable output voltage (DC12V~24V).It is specially design for universal type with 9 kinds of standard output plugs included.

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  • Input Voltage: DC11V-14V 8A MAX
  • Input Voltage: AC 220V-240V 2A MAX
  • Adjustable output voltage: DC12V,15V,16V,18V,19V,20V,22V,24V ( Note:Adjusting DC votage to be same with your computer input voltage)
  • Please do not switch the output voltage to avoid damage to the computer when charging
  • "Output Current: DC 12V~16 5A MAX, 18V~20V 4A MAX, 22V~24V 3.5A MAX.
  • USB: 5V 1A MAX"
  • Rated power: 100W
  • Input cable length: AC 1,2m±0,05
  • Input cable length: DC 0,4m±0,05
  • Output cable length: 0,6m±0,05
  • "A.3.5*1.5mm Red;
  • B.4.0*1.7mm YELLOW;
  • C.4.8*1.7mm YELLOW;
  • D.5.5*1.7mm YELLOW;
  • E.5.5*2.1mm Blue;
  • F.5.5*2.5mm White;
  • G.6.3*3.0mm Green;
  • H.6.0*4.5*1.0 pin Black
  • I. 11*4.6mm Lenovo square
  • "